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We accept inquiries from builders, elevator service providers, real estate developers and private owners, and provide you with professional elevator transportation consulting services. Fully understand and collect the use functions of the projects that need to install elevators, the traffic density of elevator passengers and architectural planning requirements, measure the shape and size of buildings using elevators, observe the landscape and environmental planning requirements of the project site.

Calculation and Solution

Calculation and Solution

Calculate the technical parameters, operating data and performance index requirements of the elevator selected for this project, determine the overall performance index and component configuration standards of the elevator, and propose the design mission statement of the elevator according to the overall planning requirements of the building scene. Refer to the landscape environment planning of the elevator use scene, select the most reasonable elevator or escalator model, specification, quantity, and consider the most economical configuration or combination to provide the best solution for the elevator traffic of the project.

Design and Drawing

Design and Drawing

Determine the technical performance parameters of each elevator, design the corresponding parts matching and selection list for each system of the elevator operation, design the elevator shaft layout and installation and assembly process instructions, and provide a full set of elevator technical instructions and related technical documents . Design joint control and group control schemes for the elevators of the project to maximize the transportation capacity of each elevator.

We are willing to provide a series of training for our partners, including the necessary internship in our factory, so that these trained employees can be familiar with the selection, installation and maintenance of elevators.

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We have an experienced design team and strong manufacturing capacity, can produce 10,000 elevators and escalators per year, have excellent supply capacity to provide elevators with a speed of 0.1-4 m/s to all parts of the world, and can cooperate with partners in the local Set up elevator manufacturing branch. We are now recruiting the following partners: builders, elevator service providers, architects, sales brokers.


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