Elevator & Esclator

We have two factories in China, producing various types of elevators and escalators, including Passenger elevators for residential and commercial buildings, Home elevators, Panorama elevators, Cargo elevators and Bed elevators for hospitals, as well as various types of Escalators and Automoving walk.
We are now planning to cooperate with builders and elevator service providers from various countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean Sea to design and jointly produce cost-effective elevators and escalators that better meet the needs of local customers.
We will provide some design drawings and manufacturing equipment to allow partners to process some parts on-site, in order to reduce transportation costs and increase partners' operating profits.

Residentail Elevator
Suitable for use in buildings below 10 floors 
Passenger Elevator
Meet the vertical traffic needs of Industrial, Commercial and Residential buildings with 
10-30 floors 
Panorama Elevator
Broader vision, Better landscape! 
Hospital Elevator
Quieter, more stable, more roomy enough for a hospital bed 
Cargo Elevator
It can transport cars and goods, and carry forklifts to go up and down other floors together 
Escalator & Travelator 
Automatic start and stop, continuously carry 
pedestrians to 
higher floors